Your in-house Design team

At Verzel Studio, we aim to offer a new way to work with Designers that is less risky than hiring and better than working with freelancers on an hourly-based pricing model.


Work with top-notch designers

Verzel Studio brings high-quality design to businesses worldwide in an easy, fast and affordable way. We are a team of French designers working together to make great design more accessible.


We focus on care

We are also proud to be a 100% remote company and believe that you don't have to be in an office to care about your customers. Moreover, we provide the best customer experience possible. More human, less machines.

A New way of producing designs

Hourly billing is nuts

Hourly based pricing is destroying the designer-client relationship. With Verzel Studio, there are no contracts, no-hourly based pricing. It's truly unlimited and scalable. We win in the long run as a team and make sure to help your brand succeed beyond the design aspect. Proving every day that great design can be easy, fast and affordable.

Skyrocket your business to the next level