Monetize your franchise's client portfolio

Both yourself and your clients will benefit as they receive top-notch graphic artwork they need, while you gain a white label agency partner and bring in that extra money.

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Monetize your client portfolio

Earn recurrent revenue by offering white-label graphic design & Video services. Get in touch to get a custom plan that fits your franchise needs.

Scale Up or Down as you go, hassle-free.

Get unlimited design tasks done every month without worrying about the designer's hiring, payroll, and contract.

Better than hiring, better than freelancing.

Don't break your budget with agencies or spend too much time hiring freelancers.

What does unlimited requests and revisions really mean?

It simply means we don't charge you hourly or per project. You're billed a flat monthly rate regardless of how many design projects you submit. Create as many design projects as you want and we'll assign the best available designers to get started right away. Once that design is complete, we'll move onto the next one in your queue.

This what a monthly subscription at Verzel Studio gets you:

As many projects as you want: there’s no limit to how many design requests you can make, but there is usually an expected daily output or production time. Depending on the request, the production time may vary.

Unlimited revisions: also one of the greatest benefits of Verzel Studio is that, if you don’t like something, you can keep asking for modifications until you’re satisfied (at no extra cost!).

Different types of projects: the scope of service may vary depending on your Plan, but generally you can get a wide range of different projects with any of our plan. The Entreprise Plan gives you the ability to ask for pretty much anything design related.

A dedicated design team to work with : with Verzel Studio, you’ll know who you’re working with, you get a dedicated Project Manager that is here to help you fulfill your design needs. And as time goes by, the better the quality of service he can provide.

How fast do you deliver the files?

We do our creative work and provide results effectively and efficiently so you can give your clients a fast turnaround, as well.

Once you have subscribed to a Plan, our designers will deliver the graphical work within 1-2 business days in general.

It could be even faster sometimes of course. Every design we produce are custom-made, personalized to your brand, and require creative input from our design team. Therefore, no two requests are ever the same. Some requests take 30 minutes while others can take 3 days to produce, depending on the complexity of the project.

Visit Project Turnaround Estimation page for more detailed informations about our daily output.

What kind of service can I resell?

We set our standards high so that you and your clients can, too. You can basically ask any design related tasks. Including:

Logos, pitch decks, business cards...

Banners, Digital Ads, Social Media Posts, Social media stories...

Infographics, sales sheet, flyers & posters...

T-shirts designs, hats, mugs, pens, promotional materials...

Books & magazines, packaging, kakemono...

Character modeling, Scene rendering, Architectural Modeling, 3D Animations...

Video Motion Design & Lottie Animations :
Animated 3D Graphics and Video, Web animations with Lottie

Let us take care of your Franchise's website. We can build and manage custom designed Webflow websites. Pixel-perfect, blazing-fast & optimized for SEO and mobile.

Send carefully crafted newsletters to your audience with EmailOctopusMailChimp

and more... check out this page for more detailed informations

Do I own the rights of the designs?

Yes. You retain the rights to all the designs created by Verzel Studio for you during your paid subscription.

If you would like to resell any of the designs that your Verzel Studio Team creates for you, please informe your Project Manager when making your design request.

What does white-label mean?

It means you can sell Graphic Design & Community Management services to your Franchisees, and we take care of the production in the background. The best part? You’ll make a fantastic profit in the process

Our main objective is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and strive for nothing less than a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario for everyone. Your company, your clients/franchisees & Verzel Studio.

Feel free to book a 15min call with a Project Manager to help you get started.

Become an affiliate or white-label reseller

If you are interested in the unique opportunity to become one of our trusted white-label resellers or affiliate, apply now by telling us more about your company and needs.